palette remediation weekend intensive workshop

palette remediation weekend intensive workshop


Saturday and Sunday, February 8th & 9th

$222 includes all materials, comfy dorm-style accommodation (1 to 3 people per room), and all meals (2 simple organic, vegetarian lunches and one breakfast) excepting Saturday dinner. Dinner will be shared (pay-your-own) at a very cozy local food court/pub in a converted church, walking distance from the studio.

Whether you’re looking for a radical departure from plastic-based paints, or a more subtle, gradual approach to exploring wild pigments, the Palette Remediation Weekend Intensive Workshop is offered as a gateway to satisfying, tangible ways to build relationships with your local bioregion through foraging and preparing art materials you can use every day.

This workshop is designed for dedicated visual artists at all levels of experience who want specific guidance to integrate mineral and botanical pigments into their regular art practices. Together, we’ll work with wild pigments in multiple mediums with an eye to augmenting or replacing the familiar synthetic palettes you love. 

The workshop will be tailored to the needs of the participants, who will discuss their current art practices one-on-one over the phone with instructor Tilke Elkins prior to attendance. Once on site as a group at the Wild Pigment Project studio, we’ll follow a program based on these needs. The preparation of charcoal, inks and paints, both water and oil based, and a range of different grounds, such as clay-flour gesso, are all possible subjects of focus, based on the requests of the group. Each participant, therefore, has a hand in shaping the course of our shared journey.

Hands-on learning will be punctuated with mini lectures on the cultural and scientific histories both of synthetic and natural pigments. The Wild Pigment Project Pigment Library will be available for a multi-sensory exploration of a wide range of mineral and botanical pigments.

Join us for a transformative two-day experience that will change the way you make art! 

About the Wild Pigment Project studio: the studio is located in the home of artist/instructor Tilke Elkins, near the banks of the Willamette River, with access to more than six miles of walking/biking river park/woodland trails. This land will serve as a source for several of the pigments we explore.

Please contact instructor Tilke Elkins at info@wildpigmentproject.org with questions.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Kommema Cultural Protection Association.

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