GROUND BRIGHT: pigment-of-the-month subscription

GROUND BRIGHT: pigment-of-the-month subscription

11.00 every month

GROUND BRIGHT is a pigment-of-the-month subscription offering. Each month, open your mailbox to discover a letter from us and a glassine pouch of a pigment tenderly gathered from a beloved outdoor place by an artist-forager luminary highlighted in PIED MIDDEN, Wild Pigment Project’s monthly newsletter.

These mineral and botanical pigments are an invitation to you to connect tangibly with the places the pigments originate, and the people who gather them, as well as to learn more about their natural, cultural and geologic history. Suggestions for ways to interact with the pigments, in the form of recipes or activities, will accompany each packet. 

Heidi Gustafson of Early Futures, Scott “pigment hunter” Sutton, and Melonie Ancheta of Native Paint Revealed will be some of our early featured participants, bringing you treasured ochres, home-grown persicaria tinctoria , and other pigments luminous to behold.

22% of the proceeds each month will go to organizations promoting the stewardship of land and cultures connected to the land, chosen by that month’s featured pigment artist.

Thank you for your support and for being part of this project!