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14.00 every month


Ships anywhere in the world.*

14 pigments a year (same pigments as ORIGINAL subscription, plus two bonus pigments) and trackable delivery (GROUND BRIGHT ORIGINAL is an $11/month option with 12 pigments a year and no tracking, thus potential delays in delivery).

GROUND BRIGHT PLUS is a pigment-of-the-month subscription offering. Each month, open your mailbox to discover a letter from us and a glassine pouch of a pigment tenderly gathered from a beloved outdoor place by an artist-forager luminary highlighted in PIED MIDDEN, Wild Pigment Project’s monthly newsletter.

On Summer and Winter Solstice months, GROUND BRIGHT PLUS subscribers receive not one but two special pigments in their mailboxes!

These mineral and botanical pigments are an invitation to you to connect tangibly with the places where the pigments originate, and the people who gather them, as well as to learn more about their natural, cultural and geologic history. Suggestions for ways to interact with the pigments, in the form of recipes or activities, accompany each packet.

Heidi Gustafson of Early Futures, Scott “pigment hunter” Sutton, and Melonie Ancheta of Native Paint Revealed are some of our early featured participants, bringing you treasured ochres, home-grown persicaria tinctoria , and other pigments luminous to behold. In 2020 we’ll be featuring several mineral pigments (chalk from the U.K.! Tennessee red earth!) and a few different lake pigments, which are botanical dyes fixed into a dry pigment form.

22% of the proceeds each month go to organizations promoting the stewardship of land and cultures connected to the land, chosen by that month’s featured pigment artist.  

Just how much pigment comes to you every month? Quantities vary according to the nature of the pigment and what each contributor is able to give, but will generally be between 4 and 14 grams ~ about enough to fill to a dram glass vial plus some, and certainly enough to make a nice amount of watercolor paint. Pigments come with safe handling instructions that should be followed closely. Wild Pigment Project is not responsible for adverse health reactions to Ground Bright pigments.

Please don’t hesitate to write to us at info@wildpigmentproject.org with any questions you might have.

Thanks so much for support!

* International subscribers will be charged an additional $14/month for shipping at check-out — so sorry about that! No additional shipping costs for subscribers within the U.S. — $14/month includes shipping.