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SACRED OCHRE PIGMENT with Heidi Gustafson


Join Heidi in her rural studio/home for an intimate, advanced session of SACRED OCHRE PIGMENT practice work. This is for individuals who want to deepen their relationship with minerals and ancient ochre materials. Heidi will lead us through different practices for connecting with ochre material and using it in creative inner and outer work. She will also introduce the more in-depth aspects of ochre's role in ongoing evolution of human beings and her own interests in archiving iron-rich materials from around the planet.

Participants are suggested to have an established relationship with one of the following practices to join this class: wild foraging (of any kind), natural pigment processing, crystal/mineral work (of any kind), alchemy, land energy, earth empathy, art or poetry, hands-on healing, or iron oxide or geological research in any discipline. Please let Heidi know briefly what tradition(s) you are coming from in the registration.

Heidi's rural studio cabin is located near Everson, WA, closer to the USA/Canadian border. Due to the private location and small size of her studio, this workshop is extremely limited in size. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging. Email Heidi for recommendations or suggestions (heidi@earlyfutures.com).


- a notebook, for taking notes and testing your colors 
- lunch and snacks 
- personal foraged minerals, stones, crystals or other earthen matter *optional 
- mortar and pestle, containers for pigments *optional

All other materials will be provided by Heidi and the earth.

*Precise location will be sent to registered participants only. 
1.5hrs from Vancouver, BC 
2hrs from Seattle, WA 
35min from Bellingham, WA. 
Accessible by car and bicycle.


Heidi Gustafson is an artist, pigment worker and ore whisperer based in rainy, volcanic Cascade foothills of northern Washington. Her intuitive and highly collaborative ochre and iron research projects include work with award-winning scientists, paleontologists, anthropologists, linguists, citizen foragers/researchers and artists around the planet. She’s a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art and holds an MA in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies.