what IS all rOund again, exactly?

all rOund again is an online world -- a place to come to find wild stuff to make, do and draw with jakes & duskin, the kids in the cloud house. it's for kids by themselves or kids and their grownups to enjoy together. in fact, lots of the activities are especially made to be good for people of all ages to collaborate on! all rOund again is what you'd get if you crossed comics with a kids' chapter book and one of those rainy-day fun books, and then added a story podcast, a DIY gallery and a collector's club.

what's a "round" of all rOund again?

when you subscribe, you get a new "round" every month or so, a bit like getting a new issue of a magazine or webzine. each round is brimming with new stuff to do: new ways to make things and collaborate with people you love. the activities are woven into stories about jakes &  little brother, duskin, told through comics, text, and audio.   

what do you mean by “kids of all ages”?

a few things. first, anyone who likes to play. also: kids and their grownups. the activities on all rOund again are a good fit for people who've been alive for 6 to 12 years, but more or less life experience is fine too. maybe you read every word on this website -- maybe someone else reads it with you. or maybe you just look at the pictures, or listen to the stories. the best is when people of all ages do stuff together. 

why subscribe? 

if you like what you see here, subscribe! you'll get a brand new round for only $2.99 per month. step in to the world of jakes & duskin, and watch as their story unfolds. gain access to all the past rounds, too. learn the secrets of making truly blue sky cakes, crayon color magic, miniature playgrounds, and making not-very-perfectly-round balls. read archival material from all round magazine. become a member of the jump club (free with subscription), and start collecting points towards your own handmade jump. go to JOIN in menu to learn more!

are there videos and electronic games on all rOund again?

no. all rOund again is designed to be a place to come online that entertains for a little while but then sends you back into the tangible world to play with screens off. lots of kids want to go online -- here's a way they can do that, without being kept here for too long.

what’s the jump club, and what's cool about it?

the jump club is extra motivation to turn screens off and play. it's a way for subscribers to earn points by making and drawing things from all rOund again and submitting photos of those activities to the all-in page. the submissions are shared on the all-in album page, so you can share what you make and see how different people approach the same activities. 

if I don’t send in an all-in one month, do I get jump points?

no, you don’t get a collectible jump card or jump points that month. but you DO still get to enjoy the latest round of all rOund again, of course. plus everything from past rounds, too!

jumps are really cute. where can I buy one?

jumps aren't for sale. the ONLY way to get a handmade jump is by subscribing to all rOund again and earning jump points when you make all-in submissions.

what’s the difference between all round magazine and all rOund again? 

all round magazine is a print magazine that was published between 1999 and 2005, and had 2,000 subscribers and  a circulation on newsstands in the u.s. and canada of 14,000. tilke elkins was the creative director/editor, and is for all rOund again as well. all rOund again is more of an online world than a magazine -- so it can be called a 'webzine.'

can I still buy print copies of all round magazine?

yes! all round is out of print, but you can buy back issues right here on all rOund again, at our shop. go to join in the menu and find shop in the drop-down bar.

 i want to join all rOund again but the $2.99 per month exceeds my budget right now. thoughts?

we want to accommodate you. please write to us at allround@allroundagain.com to discuss an arrangement that works for all of us! 

i have a question about all rOund that you didn’t answer. what should I do?

write to us at allround@allroundagain.com. we'd love to answer your questions! and we'd especially like to know if you think there are important questions that we left out of this FAQ.