what IS all rOund again?  

                                     all rOund again is an online webzine (like a magazine!) for kids & their grownups, a place to go online to find ways to get offline, play & make stuff together. each month or so brings a new "round"  packed with activities, comics, unusual facts, & an installment of a continuing audio story about the cloud house family.

by earning JUMP POINTs each time you send in pictures of stuff you made from all rOund again, you can collect your very own beautifully handmade toy JUMPs. see your submissions on the ALL-IN page -- alongside everyone else's! more questions? go to FAQ by clicking HERE.

subscribing -- for just $2.99/month -- is easy! just click the green SUBSCRIBE button


                 where did all rOund again begin?

                             all rOund again is inspired by a print magazine called ALL ROUND, made by artist tilke elkins (pictured here) between 1999 & 2005. if you were a fan way back then, welcome back! 

for more details about ALL ROUND, "a radical magazine for children ages 1 to 100 & up," or to purchase back issues. please go to ALL ROUND PRINT, under ABOUT.

in november, 2018, elkins published a book, called HOW TO EAT COLOR & PAINT WHO YOU ARE, with the fabulous support of 104 backers on a kickstarter campaign. the joy of that campaign launched this website. thank you, kickstarter & backers!!!

(click HERE to watch the kickstarter video.)