what's all round?

ALL ROUND is a “radical mag for kids ages one to 100 and up,” that was published by Woodley & Watts between 1999 and 2005. printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and add-free, the issues are like 48-page, full color books with themed subjects like COLOR, NIGHT, TREES & INVENTING.Each issue spills over with art, activities, games, letters and comics, with a soft spot for community projects, individual heroes, sustainability and the incredible wonders of the planet. As relevant now as it was then!

Want to be stunned by the intricate nature of the universe?Looking for something you’ll enjoy and remember for years? Read-to (or just look at the pictures) for younger kids, read alone for older.

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Praise for All Round

“I have never seen a magazine like this. It is truly “one of a kind.” The artwork is outstanding and will inspire any child or adult to create.” ~ Lynne Slightom, Springfield, IL

“…very, VERY cool…” ~ Home Education Magazine

“I fell in love with the kind, generous, imaginative, sassy0yet-wholesome spirit bursting out of its stories and tidbits and letters. I highly recommend All Round for families everywhere, people of all ages whose spirits could use some recreation, and pretty much everyone else.”~ Grace Llewellyn, author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook

“…literally packed with whimsical drawings and fun facts on thins like trees and night…a rea; pleasure to peruse.” ~ Mothering Magazine

“…a breath of fresh air worth its weight in gold. My daughter loves going through it again and again.” ~ Susie Dvorak, Chilhowie, VA

“I'm overjoyed to be sitting down for round two of All Round, which I read with and poured over and devoured with my now 14 year old daughter when she was much younger, and now am sharing with my 6 year old son. He adores them as much as she did. These stories and facts and the art and the jumps- they speak his language! It feels like our home and our life, in the pages of a magazine but just that much more wildly magical and mystical. All Round has been the delicious antidote for what has always grieved or aggravated us about children's books and magazines and I'm so relieved you still have copies available! What you created is a poem to the possibilities of human existence, a world we still long to step into. I consider your magazine to have no equal in this world (and I've looked).”

~ Michelle Arensberg, Portland, Oregon

“Great magazine for children of all ages. I think I learned more in one evening than in my first year in college!”

~ Julie Luckasen, Fort Collins, CO