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Pigment-of-the-Month Club

Pigment-of-the-Month Club


COMING SOON: For just $22/month, you’ll get an actual sample of Wild Pigment Project’s featured pigment-of-the-month, plus a mini dossier on its cultural and geological background and information about the person who foraged the material. Pigments may include some or all of the following: Whilamut Green, Generous Neighbor Iris Clothlets, Portland Poisonous Pokeweed Party Ink, Pisgah Oak Gall Dye, and more. Pigment-of-the-month Club membership also gets you 10% off all Wild Pigment Project-led classes, and special invitations to members-only exhibition openings. Most of all, your support helps Wild Pigment Project thrive, grow, and teach new communities about wild pigments. We’ll post updates to members (just sign up for the newsletter for our FREE membership!) as soon as this option becomes available!

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