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“DUSKIN!” shouted Jakes, creeping up behind him and startling him. “It’s COZY NEST TIME! And that means time for MOOMINS!” She scooped her brother up and rocked him back and forth in her arms as if he were a baby. He gazed up at her sleepily. He had been trying to stand still so that a bird would come and stand on his head, but then he started to think about clouds, and dragons…

“Don’t you want to find out more about the strange floating house with the missing wall that the Moomins are living in? And the room with all the food made of wood?”

Umama and Baba pulled a big blue and orange quilt taught between them and Jakes tossed Duskin gently onto it. He giggled softly and closed his eyes. They lowered the quilt to the ground and all piled on, getting comfy and using each others bellies and legs for pillows. Then Baba pulled a giant fluffy quilt over them and handed Jakes the book: Moominsummer Madness, by Tove Jansson.


The book was one of many they’d found in the big room in their house lined with bookshelves that they called the Library. Most of the books had been there since before Umama convinced the wind to lift the house into the sky and carry it around on its back. There were several Moomin books. Jakes had chosen this one to read first because she loved the cover: it had giant red curtains floating above dark water filled with tiny boats. It reminded her of life in the sky.

“It’s your turn to read, Jakes-a-kitten,” said Umama, burying her face in Jakes’ s long blue hair and blowing in her ear.

“Hee HEEE STOPPP! Umama!!” whisper-shrieked Jakes. “Ok, where were we? Oh yes, Moomin and the Snork Maiden are stuck in a tree, and OH, YES! Snuffkin has just discovered Little My sleeping in Moominmama’s work basket!”

“Ah, that Little My,” sighed Umama admiringly. “She’s so much herself. She reminds me of you, Jakes. She always says just what she thinks, even if it’s not always very….”

“Nice?” piped in Jakes helpfully. “Yeah, she’s tiny so she doesn’t let anyone shove her around. When Snuffkin asks her where her mother is, she says “Somebody ate her!”" Jakes stifled a cackle.


“Yes, my totie, you’ve certainly got a friend in that Little My,” said Baba, tucking the quilt under his chin. “Now read on, I want to know what becomes of poor Moominpapa! Their floating house has caught a current, as I recall…”

Jakes read about midsummer celebrations and electric creatures called Hattifatteners, grumpy Park Keepers and rebellious removals of “Keep off the Grass” signs.  She was nearly at the end of the book when she heard a chorus of soft rumbles and realized she was the only one still awake. 

“I detest napping,” she thought. “But I’ll just keep reading to myself!” She finished and closed with book with a contented smile. “I want to build a tiny ship just like Moominmama’s,” she decided. “With a dingy. It HAS to have a dingy, of course.”

Then she lay looking up at the clouds through the tops of the sunflowers. She had a question on her mind. A question that seemed small, and easy to answer, the way the moon seems small in the sky. But like the moon, the question grew bigger the closer she got to it. Yes, she decided, it was indeed a QUESTION THE SIZE OF THE MOON.


do YOU have an answer for Jakes's QUESTION THE SIZE OF THE MOON? to answer jakes's question, 

Are grown-ups different from kids? If yes, HOW?

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that's all for this round! we hope you've had fun with jakes and duskin (& their parents umama & baba!)on this very first round of all rOund again. we look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you've made, and drawn, and done, so be sure to go ALL-IN every time you do something here -- and soon you may have your very own JUMP to get into mischief at your house. until next time...stay tuned for round two ~